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It’s not about being good at something, it’s about being good to yourself


Integral yoga is a practice that integrates your physical, mental, and spiritual body. We aim to practice synchronizing movements with breathing, bringing awareness to the present moment. We work the body and mind to conquer full health. This practice will cause you to connect with yourself and get to know yourself, unlock emotions and feelings that prevent you from experiencing and living happiness that does not come from outside but that is inside you, freeing you from everything that imprisons you (your own mind).

Meditation Classes

We learn to talk to talk to others. We learned silence to talk to us. Zack Magiezi. We often speak without stopping to drown out the silence that within us. When the mind is restless the silence comes to be deafening. We practice meditation to hear our voices, our thoughts, our inner mess, "our angels and demons." The practice of meditation makes you question, makes you discover many things about yourself. With this we discover the cause of many pains and suffering that sometimes affects even our physical health. Meditation is one of the tools of self-knowledge.

Private Lessons

Receive personalized coaching corrections and feedback addressing individual and specific needs and setting goals that focus on the mental, emotional, and physical aspects of Yoga.

Philosophy/Yoga Theory

We live in a society where many rules are important to living in harmony with each other. Still, some were socially created as a pattern of behavior that only limits us from being who we are. The study of yoga will show you how to live to be truly you without harming anyone because love is the basis, especially self-love.

Online Classes

Live-online classes are offered in real time with the teacher and students connecting virtually.


Sometimes we feel lost in life, letting life go on without any purpose, for no reason that will make us excited, joyful to be living another day, completely without motivation. Or feeling that the life you're living doesn't make sense, you feel like you need to make some changes, or you're already making some changes, but you don't know which way to go, sometimes you think you're going crazy for not understanding what's happening to yourself. Here you will have the support to meet again and feel the joy of living, find the way to discover your life purpose. Feeling true gratitude for having one more day to live is what we should all have in every day we wake up and go to sleep satisfied and happy for the day we had.


Reiki is currently recognized by the World Health Organization and the Ministry of Health as a Complementary Integrative Practice (PICs). Reiki is applied through universal energy channeling (REI) by the imposition of hands, with the aim of balancing vital energy (KI). Treatment is indicated for anxiety, stress, insomnia, and imbalances in general, which can lead to physical or emotional diseases.


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What Our Clients are Saying

I started doing yoga in June 2022, and I’m grateful to this day for the teachings, whether it’s the connection with the body and the earth or even the air we breathe, it made me calm and focus on what I needed in myself to control my self in every balancing movement! I highly recommend the classes at yogämor ✨☀️ namaste 🙏🏻
Brenda Makiyama
My new life began in Sept 2022 when I found Yoga, and Cris Souza introduced me to the philosophy of yoga. Since starting to incorporate yoga into my life, I have lost over 16kg in weight and completely changed my outlook and priorities in life. Through her mentorship program, I regained control and found balance in my life.
Troy Allenbaugh
Meeting “YOGAMOR” made my life more interesting!! I have been taking online classes from September 2021. Before, I was not good at “yoga”, because I thought yoga was a exercise for only flexible people. I learned that it was a completely wrong perception and I changed my mindset one-eighty when I took a 1st lesson. Doing Yoga is not only exercise but also way to control myself. Taking deep breathing and face my body and mind. Time to concentrate and get back to myself. Studying Yoga philosophy gives me a lot of hints and inspiration for my life. Make a life brighter and fruitful with Yoga! I highly recommend YOGAMOR.
Reiko Sakahira

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